Choirtelling – trust & safety

Are you a passionate choir singer or a choir conductor looking for new ways to lead your choir and make them shine on stage? Then this course is for you!

Choirtelling is more than just singing; it’s a new method developed by Lotte van der Kleij, a choir conductor and music theater maker. With Choirtelling, you’ll learn how to integrate storytelling, performance, and positioning on stage into your choir performances, without it being about acting or playing roles. It’s all about telling a story together with your choir and finding strength in your collective performance.




Language: English

When working with a group and stepping onto the stage, it’s essential that the group feels safe and comfortable with each other. Concrete exercises, including icebreakers, to loosen up your group, as well as thoughts on the role of the conductor and organizing your group, are covered.

Target Audience:

Whether you’re an experienced choir conductor or an enthusiastic choir singer, Choirtelling provides practical tools to elevate your choir and make your performances unforgettable.

Training Duration:

In this training, Lotte takes you through her approach via instructional videos and videos of 12 different exercises that you can use in rehearsals. The exercises are not only explained but also demonstrated by choir members, giving you a clear idea of how to implement them. Concrete exercises and possibilities that you can immediately apply during your rehearsals.


Lotte van der Kleij

Lotte van der Kleij is a vocal coach, choir conductor, and entrepreneur. She is the owner of De Zang- en Theaterschool in Nijmegen (Netherlands) and the new online art academy: Cre8 Academy. She enthusiastically provides vocal lessons, conducts various choirs, and offers online training.

Her life motto is: Sing, Shine & Smile!


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